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I think one of the things that’s interesting about the show - and you started to see it in this past season, but it continues - is that ultimately, whatever that past relationship is between Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington, is NOT the most significant question to be answered. Because really what the show is about is the relationship - and it creeps up on you - but what is the nature of their relationship NOW. I mean, when you have two people who have never met - or not knowingly, at least - and you don’t know the nature of their relationship, then suddenly, they’re thrown together in the way that these two characters have, ultimately, what I think can sneak up on you is that the relationship that is the most compelling is not the answer to that one question. The most compelling relationship is, in fact, what it’s turning into. What the nature of that relationship is now and what it will be building over the next few years. We’ve already seen them very fractured at times and yet there’s some sort of compulsion that they have for one another. And not just Reddington’s feelings for her but also her feelings for him. And to me that’s one of the most fascinating things besides the fun to be had on the show. In terms of the emotional center of the show. This man has brought nothing but fire and brimstone and danger and peril into her life but for some reason she is enormously compelled by him. Even if he is incredibly frustrating, even if it goes against all of her intuitions, there’s this sort of counter-intuitive feeling that she has that still continues. When she has no place to go, she often shows up on his doorstep. And I think in a strange way, the more important relationship will be their present relationship. And then when the other relationship is revealed, and the whole story is told at the end of the day, then all of a sudden you’re allowed to go, “Wow! Okay. All right. Now that makes sense. Now we have an understanding for those things that were building and you were enjoying along the way.” But the journey has to be good because destinations aren’t enough, you know. I mean, it’s terrible on the top of Everest. It’s like you get up there and it’s worse than it is all the way up. I think the journey should be the satisfaction with the show, and the ultimate answers should just inform that looking backwards.
James Spader on the question “Who is Red to Liz?” [x] (via roominthecastle)


Soundcloud of the teaser shown at Comic Con last night.


Comic Con : Age of Ultron full panel!

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Pic from Berlin/1.21


The best photo *dead*


The best photo *dead*

How terrifying is James Spader on set? x

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Sexy face!



Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. at a press line for the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 26, 2014. [HQ]

Always the boob grab with Evans. (Our good old Massachusetts boy ❤️)

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James Spader at SDCC 2014

I can’t believe it’s Jens’ last tour. Looking forward to seeing him lead the peloton onto the Champs D’Elysees….at least that’s how it better play out or I will be seriously disappointed in pro cycling….


Do you think Megan’s tweeting? ;)

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Marvel not taking the cameras into the Age of Ultron panel is making me sad.


Especially because they had coverage on other Marvel panels.

This made me very sad…

They probably didn’t want the interwebs to…

All I want is a picture of James and RDJ…together…with RDJ’s arm around James’ shoulder…yes… That’s not too much to ask for, is it? I was (am still?) a little on edge too, how dare they span away from James…. :)